How much will you earn with Digital Knowledge

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The only honest answer would be: IT DEPENDS.

Paypal Security
Paypal Security

Lets say you promote a product worth $20.00. So your commission will be $10.00 per download.

You have a website with only 10.000 unique visitors per month. Only 1% of them will download a product so you are going to produce 100 downloads per month. 100 downloads x $10.00 will bring you $1.000 per month directly to your PayPal account.

You do not have a website. You post regularly to Social Media Groups or Pages. Let‘s say you post into huge Facebook Groups. There are many so you can reach lots of people. Thing is the response is going not going to be as huge as on a website. So you do a post into these groups and reach about 500.000 people per post. There may only be 0.1% response and of those maybe only again 1% buying customers.

Let’s do the math: 500.000 people x 0.1% = 500 people visiting your link. 500 people x 1% = 5 people buying. 5 people x $10.00 = $50.00 per post you do in Social Media.

This is the honest truth. You have to calculate for yourself how many website visitors you have or how many posts you can do per day to know how much you are going to earn.

If you believe in yourself you can earn a living easily and some more with posting intelligently.

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